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Instant Ice Cooling Towel - 2018 Multicolor

Sapphire Blue
Sky Blue
Fluorescent Green

2018 Multicolor 100*30cm Ice Towel

Instant Cooling Reusable Cold Towel!

Using core technologies and processes, just water, instant cool rapid cooling, have long sustained sense of cold, physical cooling, no pollution, save energy.
Smooth non-stick body, the unique honeycomb-like 3D stereoscopic textile technology, cooling heat while massaging the body. Anti-bacterial, anti-mite, anti-UV (ultraviolet), anti-static, breathable and quick-drying, especially suitable for outdoor sports, outdoors, engaged in sports, Ms. remover, fever body cooling and other staff personnel. It can be reused. Hot summer, everyone must have.
1, for outdoor: driving, cycling, car batteries, playing, playing, outdoor sports and other physical cooling.
2, for medical: fever physical cooling for the body for summer child sunstroke.
3, for everyday use: outdoor cooling, cooling the kitchen staff, the Defense Department workers under the sun, etc.
Cold, cool sweat correct into the water that can be recycled!

3 Simple Steps To Chill Out With Your Chill Pal:

Step #1: Soak It With Water

Activate your cooling towel by simply soaking it with water. There are no chemicals or cooling agents, this is an evaporative cooling towel, putting basic physics at work!

Step #2: Wring It Out

Wring out the towel to help start the evaporation. You can also snap the towel to help activate the cooling effect.

Step #3: Wear It To Stay Cool

In just a few second, the Chill Pal will get cold. Wear it on a hot day, so you can enjoy yourself regardless of the heat.

Our Secret:

Truly, there isn’t one. We use high grade and extra thick PVA with evaporative technology. The more water it comfortably holds, the longer it takes to evaporate, which means the longer it stays cool for you! It is durable design paired with workable science here to bring you the best cooling for your dollar, our promise!


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