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Hands Free Bicycle Dog Leash for Bike Riding Safe with Pets

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Product Information

  • TUV SUD Product Service Certification Approved Mark for " German Quality " Tested for Safety
  • High Carbon Stainless steel for strength, leash installs on virtually any bike in under 5 minutes Only True Quick Release Bike leash For detaching the wand when not using or for walking with your dog. Patented design.
  • Leash Has Military Grade Paracord 550-lbs pull strength, 7 strand Inner core 5/32 -4mm diameter, uv fade resistant & rot resistant
  • Patented design includes an internal shock-absorbing system and quick lock and release capability for easy switching between bikes
  • Lets you walk your dog with the wand when not riding. Length of Leash is Adjustable Can add 6.5 Inches by taking out 2 springs inside the Steel Wand that will allow extra leash length.

    Product description

    Our Leash Buddy system is Designed to Keep the Dog And Human Safe And Happy.The Leash Buddy system has been engineered to withstand 550lbs of pull and still keep the rider on the bike and the dog from getting dragged. What looks like a simple design is quite elegant in its mission to keep you and your dog safe. Reinforced Nylon Stitching, Custom Designed Flex-Leash, Easily shorten leash.
    Easily Mounts:Leash Buddy easily mounts to either side of your bike. You may prefer your dog on one side or the other. You may also want to keep your dog on the non-traffic side and with Leash Buddy’s quick release system it’s as easy as pulling out and clipping in 30 seconds is all it takes to switch sides.
    Never smack your legs again:Leash Buddy's bracket was specifically designed for optimal clearance so you can ride normally. You will never have to worry about the pole hitting your leg.

    Aerospace Standards:Production of the Leash Buddy was made with each piece to be machined to aerospace standards. To ensure the absolute highest quality of every product we ship, we’ve borrowed strict aerospace engineering specs and designed every leash buddy to be within ± 0.005 inches. It’s not perfect but it’s as close as you can get.
    Design Process: Design, Build, Test, Repeat until perfect. Our design and testing process was all about getting the right amount of stiffness in the spring, getting the correct pole width, and finally combining both. Our first prototype was testing to get just the right amount of stiffness in the spring that would withstand any jerking or pulling from dogs up to 150 lbs. The second prototype was perfecting the pole design to get it optimal length and width. The third and final prototype combined the first two and created the tested, tried, and true Leash Buddy system you see today.