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Magnetic plasticine


Magnetic Slime Putty 


  • Educational learning - This product is an educational toy for growing children, who needs to understand what the magnetic field is and how various materials can attract or repel each other.
  • High quality new magnetic - made of high quality and non-toxic silicone material. Novel and magical thinking putty, you can create different shape that you want. Silicone-based, it won't dry out or crumble over time.

  • Entertainment - This item is also a growing tool kit for grown-up ones, who needs a good time to spend their leisure time, travel time or others.
  • Stress reliever - The toy also relaxes working pressure and regulates mood.

  • Like magnet - This is a great item for anyone who likes to play with magnets and is interested in the magical magnetic field. 
  • Increase focus - When you place the cube magnet toward it, it reacts in seconds by pulling putty with them.

  • More fun to play - it can stretch and bent to follow the magnet, putty pulls itself toward magnet; put magnet on the putty, putty engulfs entire magnet in minutes; Roll the putty into a ball, you can bounce it.
  • Multi way to play - bounce stretch, tear, shape, shatter and play. Magical magnetic putty is fun for all.

Product parameters

  • Type:Magnetic clay
  • Component elements:Polymer
  • Color:gold,blue,black,silver,purple,green.
  • Applicable people: 3 years old or older